Academy Award Theater

Adventures by Morse

The Aldritch Family

The All-Star Western Theater

Behind the Mike

Bing Crosby

Boston Blackie

Box 13

Broadway is My Beat

Burns and Allen

Captain Midnight

Casey, Crime Photographer

Challenge of the Yukon

Damon Runyon Theater

The Falcon

Family Theater

The Fat Man

Gang Busters

Let George Do It

The Life of Riley

Mayor of the Town

Mr. President

My Favorite Husband

The Mysterious Traveller

NBC University Theater

Our Miss Brooks

The Pacific Story

Philip Marlowe

Quiet, Please

Quiz Kids

The Adventures of Rocky Jordan

The Adventures of Sam Spade

The Sea Hound

The Adventures of Superman


Terry and the Pirates

Vic and Sade

The Whistler

Words At War

The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen

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