Program Notes

1/30/09 I finally got started on this web page.
1/30/09 You can contact us by sending an e-mail here.
1/31/09 I loaded the page onto my webspace and added the page for the turntable.
1/31/09 Added an e-mail link at the bottom of the contents frame.
2/03/09 Added "About" page and moved the "Program Notes" there.
2/05/09 Added a counter to the "Contents" frame.
2/07/09 Created pages for "Golden Era Programs" and started to populate them. Added flash players to radio shows that have links on the Internet Archive. I also replaced most of the placeholder pages with actual dedicated pages. I added pictures to most pages.
2/08/09 I added the "Screening Room" page with five films.
2/16/09 I added the film Command Performance to the Screening Room.
2/21/09 I acquired my second 70-C2 turntable. Woo-hoo!
2/22/09 I updated the turntable page and added a "Restoration Notes" page.
3/01/09 Added a new graphic to the "Welcome" page. Also, I created a "Contemporary Programs" intro page.
3/14/09 I broke up turntable restoration log into separate monthly pages.
3/21/09 Added some photos and text to the "Turntables" page.
5/23/09 Added some stuff on my antique phones.
7/26/10 I finally got my own domain name. Now maybe I can turn this into a real web site.
7/26/10 I finally got my own domain name. Now maybe I can turn this into a real web site.
10/29/10 I updated the Contents panel. Also added summaries to several programs on the 1930s Programs page. Changed the background color on the library page to make it more readable.
12/12/10 Moved notes to this page and shortened the "About" page. Created a new page for my Ham stuff. I took the Technician and General exams yesterday and passed them both. I should be legal to transmit in a couple of weeks.
7/10/11 Created a new page for sound effects. Began populating it with my collection of sound effects records.

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