General Radio 731-A Modulation Monitor

Miscellaneous Broadcast Equipment

There is obviously more to a golden-era radio station than just a mixing console, a transmitter, and a couple of turntables. Whatever signal goes out over the air needs to be processed and monitored. My collection is not comprehensive in this area but I'm always picking up odd bits.

General Radio 731-A Modulation Monitor

Every broadcast station needs a modulation monitor. One particular unit, the General Radio 1931, was especially common in the Golden Age. Even studios that were otherwise all RCA or all Western Electric often had a General Radio modulation monitor. In fact, GenRad manufactured at least some of these for RCA. Since my focus is more on the era immediately prior to WWII, I wanted something made during that time. The 731-A was made in the mid- to late-1930s. Personally, I much prefer the round, more classic looking meters on the 731 to the more geometric looking meters used on the later 1931. I picked up my 731-A cheap a few years ago and it's in great shape. I've never fired it up but I'm sure I will at some point.

More to follow later...

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